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Halfway between Hilo and Honokaʻa on the Hāmākua Coast, you’ll find a little gem of a plantation village: Pāpaʻaloa, Hawaii. It’s a classic old sugar camp neighborhood, with little homes clustered around a county gym and park. Perched near the edge of the cliff, it’s got unparalleled ocean views with daily rainbows. Choose one of our great Pāpaʻaloa, Hawaii vacation rentals here, and enjoy exploring the Hāmākua Coast from your little piece of paradise!

There’s only one store in Pāpaʻaloa, Hawaii, but it’s so good you won’t wish for another. The Pāpaʻaloa Country Store is an old-school “one of everything” store supplying the surrounding neighborhood with basics, but with a gourmet twist. They offer great local produce, as well as a café with pizza, hamburgers, tacos, and pastries. But the real standout is the Hawaiian food, especially the laulau; the friendly service is also noteworthy.

Just a couple miles north of Pāpaʻaloa, you’ll be pleased to discover one of the only spots on the Hāmākua Coast where the ocean is accessible. Laupāhoehoe Point is a flat shelf of land that extends into the ocean from the mouth of the valley. There’s a park there which is great for picnicking, as well as a boat ramp (where adventurous locals swim), a tidepool area, and bathroom facilities. This is a popular fishing spot.

Pāpaʻaloa, Hawaii is just a half-hour’s drive into Hilo, the biggest town on the island, so you can enjoy all the fun activities, then retire to your peaceful little village at night, lulled to sleep by the evening rain on your roof. Come relax in Pāpaʻaloa!