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Kaimū Rentals

Ever wanted to stay at the absolute “end of the road?” If so, Kaimū is the spot for you! There was once a great black sand beach here, and a thriving little community. Then it all got covered by lava in the 1980s. Today, Kaimū beach is on its way back, being formed once again slowly by the pounding surf. If you like exploring fascinating lava formations, and being far, far away from civilization, then check out one of our great Kaimu rentals!

Kaimū beach is an amazing place to sit and contemplate the tremendous power of nature, and what happens when lava and the ocean collide. The homes that once stood in this area are no more, but the community remains; most of the former residents were content to rebuild again, right on top of the new lava flow. This is the attitude it takes to live in the shadow of the world’s most active volcano; change is inevitable, so why not accept it? Vacation homes in Hawaii have it all.

Though some local residents do sell handmade souvenirs in this area, the only real business to speak of is Uncle Robert’s ʻAwa Bar, which hosts a night market on Wednesdays. ʻAwa (also known as kava) is a traditional Hawaiian drink made from a pounded root, which slightly numbs the mouth and is a much healthier alternative to alcohol. The Wednesday market is quite a party, with counter-culture types from all over Puna attending to dance, socialize, buy, sell, and trade their wares. It’s a truly unique experience down here at the end of the road!

If you’re looking to truly get away from it all, then you can’t do better than the end of the road in Kaimū! Contact us to find out more about our Hawaii vacation condo rentals.