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Kainaliu Hawaii Vacation Homes

A few miles south of Kailua-Kona, you’ll find one of the cutest towns in Hawaiʻi. Kainaliu is a coffee town, and one that still retains much of its original architecture from the old days. It’s a souvenir shopper’s paradise, as you’ll find so many unique treasures in the galleries and shops here. Kainaliu also lies at a higher elevation, and thus a cooler temperature than Kailua-Kona. Choose one of our awesome Kainaliu rentals, and enjoy coffee farms, lush foliage, a unique small town, and refreshing rain showers in the evenings! Find out about the vacation rental homes in Hawaii. 

Though there are many small towns on Hawaiʻi Island, few are as intact as Kainaliu. It retains not only its charm, but also many of its useful amenities that made life in the coffee fields possible for past residents, in the days before the highway was built. Oshima’s Drugstore has been around since the 1920s, and still functions as a pharmacy and grocery today. It’s one of those great mom-and-pop shops from the past that carry one of everything! Nearby, Kimura’s Fabrics is a must-stop for those who like to sew, as they have a fabulous variety to choose from. But don’t think Kainaliu only has old-time stores! It also contains many fascinating specialty shops, such as Yoganics (yoga classes along with apparel), Kiernan Music (for ʻukuleles and guitars), and many art galleries and boutiques.

The Aloha Theatre in Kainaliu is indeed a rare place. Gone are the days when every small plantation town had its own theatre for entertaining the workers, but Kainaliu’s is one of the few on the island that remain intact. It’s the home of the Aloha Performing Arts Company, which mounts live community theatre productions, as well as offers classes and workshops to the community. Stop by and check it out!

Kainaliu is a historic town with lots of heart. Start planning your visit today and select one of our Hawaii condo vacation rentals. Contact us today.