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Helicopter Tours

Helicopter Tours Maui

If you had a flying carpet, would you bring it with you to Maui? Of course you would! Who wouldn’t want to be able to dive into and hover over the remote, unexplored canyons and valleys of The Valley Isle, or soar like a bird over Haleakalā Crater’s otherworldly landscape of airbrushed colors? Well, your magic carpet awaits you on Maui, as you climb aboard a helicopter and leave the ordinary behind. Read on for more on the best Maui helicopter tours.

Photo Opportunities of a Lifetime

Most of Maui is inaccessible by foot or land vehicle, so the absolute best way is to experience the island is by helicopter tour over Maui. Get a bird’s-eye-view of the famous ‘Iao Needle, marvel at the deep jungle and myriad waterfalls of the Hāna Coast, soar over pristine coastline dotted with secret white sand beaches, have your mind blown by the spectacularly colorful alien landscape of 2,600-foot deep Haleakalā Crater, and hover amidst multitudes of 3,000-foot waterfalls deep within the West Maui Mountains. There are many more spectacular sights you will experience on your flying carpet ride, but we don’t want to ruin the surprise!

Maui Helicopter Tour Companies

Air Maui is definitely our favorite, and has one of the longest helicopter tours on Maui. Two-way intercoms in state-of-the-art ASTAR copters allow you to communicate with the pilot, all the while in comfortable, air-conditioned luxury. For shutterbugs that want some killer aerial cell phone shooting, Air Maui also has doors-off tours. Maverick Helicopters specializes in a unique Hāna Coast cultural education tour, landing at a former taro plantation deep within the lush jungle and waterfall-laced Wailua Valley. Sunshine Helicopters has four packages that can take you to all of the amazing sights on Maui, including a Molokaʻi package that flies along the Kalaupapa Coast, home to the world’s highest sea cliffs.

Countdown to Liftoff

Whether you want to hang out the door with your cell phone camera suspended over some of the most breathtaking scenery on the planet or experience cultural immersion during an amazing Maui air tour, we can make it happen. Why have an ordinary vacation when you can make it extraordinary? Go for it! Create your Maui memories of a lifetime by contacting our Maui helicopter tour experts at ILoveHawaii.com today.