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Paddle Boarding

Maui Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddle (SUP) boarding is nothing new to Hawai‘i; in fact, it was the original form of Hawaiian surfing. Known in the Hawaiian language as hoe he‘e nalu (paddle surfing), paddle boarding in Maui and around the rest of the US has enjoyed resurgence in popularity and it’s easy to see why. Imagine yourself floating over the crystal clear, calm waters of Maui bays with multitudes of brightly colored fish teeming below. Your paddle cuts easily through the sea, propelling you peacefully across the transparent surface. You paddle board along Maui to a immaculate, white sand beach and no one else is around. Pulling your board up onto the shore, you kick back and bask in your own private piece of paradise. What could be better? Learn how to experience this ethereal activity of stand up paddle boarding in Maui!

Maui Paddle Board Spots

The best Maui paddle boarding spots are on the south and west shores, especially in the morning. Cove Park in Kīhei offers some of the best paddle boarding on Maui, and during the winter months you might even experience majestic humpback whales frolicking nearby. Mai Poina ʻOe Laʻu Beach Park in North Kīhei has excellent Maui paddle boarding; however, the wind tends to kick up in the early afternoon. Kapalua Bay in Kapalua is wonderfully sheltered. For hardcore Maui paddle boarding, check out The Maliko Run. This 12-mile downwind paddle takes you along Maui’s lush North Shore from Māliko to Kanahā and is the same course used by professional Maui paddle board racers.

Maui Paddle Board Rentals

Most surf stores on Maui rent SUPs, but the guys at Stand Up Paddle Maui in Kīhei specialize solely in the sport. Offering rentals, tours, and lessons, Stand Up Paddle has a large range of rental SUP boards and gear. Island Surfboard Rentals in Lāhaina likewise has a full range of quality gear. Accommodating Maui paddle boarders of all ages and skill levels, they also offer free pick-up and delivery. Maui Sports Adventures is owned and operated by the Schweitzer family, all of who are competition paddle boarders. Knowing every SUPing spot on the island, the Schweitzers offer rentals, tours, and lessons.

Ready to Get Away from It All?

Paddle boarding in Maui is the perfect way to escape and leave the world behind, and exploring Maui on a paddle board can’t be beat. So what are you waiting for? Contact our vacation specialists today at ILoveHawaii.com to get geared up for an amazing Maui paddle board adventure.