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Hāpuna Beach Big Island

Hāpuna Beach is without question one of the most beautiful beaches on the Big Island and has been ranked by Condé Nast as one of the top beaches in the U.S. This landscaped, half-mile long white sand beach offers everything you could possibly want for a day of shoreline fun.

Hāpuna History

Hāpuna was originally an ancient Hawaiian settlement; numerous archaeological sites dot the area along the coastal trail. During WWII, the 2nd Am Trac Marine Battalion established Camp Henry C. Drewes at Hāpuna, where until May of 1944 they would train and recover from battle. In 1994, the Hāpuna Prince was completed, making Hāpuna Beach on the Big Island an international visitor destination.

Big Island Hāpuna Beach Facilities

Paved parking, picnic tables, brick barbecue grills, pavilions, restrooms, and showers make Big Island Hāpuna Beach very comfortable. Three Frogs Café serves great snack bar food and offers rentals of boogie boards, beach chairs, umbrellas, and snorkeling gear. There are also several A-frame camping cabins with a large kitchen and dining facility.

Hāpuna Beach Swimming Conditions

Hāpuna’s clear waters make for great swimming and snorkeling, especially in the morning. The shore break can kick up with the incoming tides, so that’s the time to get out the boogie board or body surf. The offshore currents can get strong, so it’s advised to stay within easy reach of the shore. If the waves get over three feet high stay out of the water. As with all Hawaiian beaches, check the current conditions and pay heed to all posted signs regarding ocean conditions and safety.

How to Get There

From Kona, take Highway 19 north. Just before mile marker 69 you’ll see the sign for Hāpuna Beach. Turn on Hāpuna Beach Road and follow the signs to the parking lot. There is a $5 fee for non-resident vehicle parking.