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Things To Do In Oahu, Hawaii


Known as “the gathering place,” Oʻahu is by far the most populous of Hawaiʻi’s islands, boasting a vibrant, cosmopolitan capital city, Honolulu. Expect to find here the best of everything the Pacific rim has to offer, in a gorgeous setting with steep green misty mountains in view at all times. Watch for rainbows in the afternoons! Read about the best things to do in O’ahu, Hawaii.


  • ART: Honolulu’s multi-cultural art scene is very lively, especially in Chinatown and the North Shore. Don’t miss the Honolulu Museum of Art’s private-estates-turned-art-museums, for a truly unique experience!
  • SHOPPING: World class luxury shopping in huge, beautiful, open-air malls, with live Hawaiian music in the background. This is what you came for, right? Explore one of the best things to do in Oahu, Hawaii, Shopping!
  • FITNESS: Honolulu is one of the healthiest cities in the nation; come work out like a local at your choice of fitness centers.
  • YOGA: Oʻahu is an absolute mecca for traveling yogis. Many studios work on a donation basis. Try sunrise yoga on the beach, or maybe yoga for surfers if you’re recovering from a surf injury.
  • PERSONAL CHEFS: After all that excitement, you’ll be ready for a great dinner. Consider hiring a personal chef for your family’s needs, in order to have a more intimate experience.


Oʻahu is an exciting destination for the whole family, whether you’re looking for surf, sand, or shopping. Try something new this vacation!