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Paddle Boarding

O‘ahu Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddle (SUP) boarding is nothing new to Hawai‘i; in fact, it was the original form of Hawaiian surfing. Known in the Hawaiian language as hoe he‘e nalu (paddle surfing), paddle boarding has enjoyed resurgence in popularity and it’s easy to see why. Imagine yourself gliding over the crystal clear, placid waters of O‘ahu on a paddleboard with multitudes of brightly colored fish teeming below. Your paddle cuts easily through the water, propelling you almost effortlessly across the glassy surface. You paddle to a pristine, white sand beach. Pulling your O’ahu stand up paddle board up onto the shore, you kick back and bask in your own piece of paradise. What could be better?

O‘ahu Paddle Board Spots

There are excellent SUP spots all over O‘ahu, especially in the morning. The best O’ahu paddle boarding spots are definitely the side-by-side beaches of Lanikai and Kailua Bay. Year round calm conditions make Lanikai and Kailua a favorite of both visitors and locals. Sunset Beach in Hale‘iwa is one of the most idyllic O’ahu paddle boarding spots on the island though only during the summer months. Also in Hale‘iwa is Pua‘ena Beach Park. The calm, sheltered waters of Pua‘ena make a great SUPing spot for beginners and seasoned paddle boarders alike. Kawela Bay in Kahuku next to the Turtle Bay Resort also offers excellent O’ahu paddle boarding conditions almost year-round.

O‘ahu Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals

Most surf stores on O‘ahu rent SUPs, but the guys at Blue Planet Surf in Honolulu know their stuff. Specializing in SUPing and surfing, Blue Planet Surf caters to serious paddle boarders and requires a minimum board rental term of two days. Sea and Board Sports in Hale‘iwa has a large range of rental SUP boards and gear, and offers tours and lessons. West O‘ahu SUP in Wai‘anae likewise specializes in SUPing and has a full range of quality gear. Accommodating paddle boarders in O’ahu of all ages and skill levels, they also offer lessons and tours.

Ready to Get Away from It All?

Paddle boarding  in O’ahu is the perfect way to escape and leave the world behind, and exploring the island on a paddle board can’t be beat. So what are you waiting for? Contact our vacation specialists today at ILoveHawaii.com to get geared up for an amazing O’ahu stand up paddle board adventure.