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Big Island, Hawai’i Things to Do

Where to begin? You’ll already know about our beautiful weather, unique landscape, and famous volcano. But there’s so many more things to do on the Big Island! Whether your passion is yoga, art, or food, you’re sure to find activities here to delight the mind and senses.

  • SHOPPING: From browsing island farmers’ markets for fine artisan souvenirs, to strolling beautiful outdoor shopping centers with the family, enjoy excellent shopping opportunities here on the Big Island.
  • ART: There are so many artists living here! You’ve come to a true art lovers’ paradise. Train your sights on the small towns here for art delights, like tiny unexpected galleries and art centers. Don’t forget to look for the art center while you’re checking out that famous volcano…
  • FITNESS CENTERS: Though we’ve got outdoor fitness activities galore (Ironman, anyone?), there are also so many great gyms to check out. CrossFit and mixed martial arts are especially popular workouts here; try something new!
  • YOGA: The Big Island is a serious yoga mecca. Yoga retreats are popular, as are classes in a variety of modalities.
  • PERSONAL CHEFS: Finally, the food. While restaurants here may not cover every type of cuisine you might have in mind, a private chef can! And with the freshest local and organic ingredients, too.

What are you waiting for? Start planning your adventures today!