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Best Times of Year Visiting The Big Island

With temperatures hovering consistently in the 80s year-round, the Big Island is an ideal vacation destination no matter which month you’re traveling. However, depending on your trip goals, visiting the Big Island during some months may be better for your itinerary than others.

Low Tourism Season

If your travel times are flexible and you’re looking for a good deal, visiting the Big Island during the low tourist seasons of April through June and September through November are your best options. Since few people are traveling during these months, there’s a better chance of getting good deals on flights, hotels, rental cars, and many of the top things to  do on the Big Island. The exception to these months are when the Merrie Monarch Festival, a state-wide hula competition, and the Ironman Triathlon are taking place. Merrie Monarch generally begins on Easter Sunday each year and the Ironman is usually held in October. Unless you’re interested in attending either of these events, you may want to avoid travel during these times.

Wet & Dry Seasons

In general, the Big Island’s rainy season corresponds with winter months and the dry season correspond with summer. The rainiest months on the Big Island are between November and March. However, the rainy season is rarely too much of a dampener on vacation plans. Much of the rain occurs at night or in early morning and doesn’t tend to last all day. The weather can also vary drastically at different locations on the island, so even if it’s raining in your location, there is sun to be found elsewhere – usually on the dry west coast.

Whale Watching Season

If you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of the humpback whales that migrate to Hawaii each year to mate and birth their young, plan to travel between November and April, with peak sighting season being mid-January through early March. The best location to spot these gentle giants on the Big Island is on the Kona coast. There are many boat tours geared toward whale watching, as well as locations whales can be spotted from the shore.

Contact Us Before Visiting The Big Island

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