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Whale Watching

Big Island Whale Watching

Imagine being out on the cobalt waters off the stunning Big Island of Hawai‘i with massive humpback whales frolicking on the waves nearby! Every winter these awe-inspiring, gentle giants migrate from Alaska to the warm waters of Hawai‘i to mate and bear their young. Hawai‘i is home to the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary, and anyone of any age can view these spectacular creatures in their natural environment. If you’re interested in the best whale watching on the Big Island, read on for more info!

Whales! Over There!

Whether you’re on a beach or on a boat, you’ll know if there are whales playing nearby. Locals and visitors alike love them, and it’s not unusual during the months of December through April to hear someone on the beach shout, “Whales!” And everyone – we mean everyone – turns to watch the spectacle. Whale watching on Hawai‘i’s Big Island can be done from anywhere that the ocean is visible and doesn’t require any skills or training. Just watch for the splashes and spouting and you’ll see them. One of the best ways to see whales, however, is to get out on one of the Big Island whale watching cruises. If you’re lucky, some may swim right up to the boat!

Big Island Whale Watching Tours

If you are visiting during whale season, chances are pretty good you’ll see some. One of the best whale watching Big Island experiences can be found with Captain Dan McSweeney on his Whale Watch Learning Adventure in Kona. A whale researcher and conservationist, Capt. Dan has personally conducted his educational Big Island whale watching adventures for almost forty years. This guy knows his whales so well that he’s the one National Geographic and Discovery Channel have chosen to work with. If a posh whale watching experience is what you’re after, Body Glove in Kailua-Kona is the way to go. Speed out to where the whales are aboard their comfortable 65-foot catamaran, and then watch the action while listening to the whales on a hydrophone. For a more intimate experience, Wahine Charters in Kailua-Kona offers whale-watching tours of no more than fourteen people and provides snacks and refreshments.

Time Is Short; Don’t Miss Out

Due to the limited time that whales are in Hawai‘i each year, whale watching charters tend to fill up quickly. Make sure you get your chance to view these magnificent creatures by contacting our Big Island whale watching specialists at ILoveHawaii.com today.

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