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Beaches on Kaua‘i

Of all of the beaches on major islands in the Hawaiian chain, Kaua‘i beaches are the most numerous – and definitely some of Hawai‘i’s best ones. Geologically the oldest of the eight inhabited islands, wave erosion over millions of years has resulted in a multitude of hidden and not so hidden white sand beaches around Kaua‘i. No matter where you are on the island, you’re bound to find a beautiful beach to spend a perfect day on. Read about some of the best beaches on Kaua’i.

Kaua‘i Beach Weather

All of the Hawaiian Islands are mountainous, which results in a dry side (leeward) and a wet side (windward). Generally, the sunny sides are on the south and west shores, while there are more frequent rains on the north and east sides. Fortunately Kaua‘i is a small island, so even if it’s pouring rain where you are staying, you can always quickly escape to the other side for an idyllic beach day.

Leeward Beaches in Kaua‘i

The leeward side beaches in Kaua‘i are the best for great snorkeling, swimming, paddle boarding, and of course, sunset watching. Some of the more popular spots include Lāwaʻi Beach, Po‘ipū Beach Park, and Pālama Beach on the south shore. On the west side, check out Kekaha Beach Park, Pākalā Beach, and Barking Sands.

Windward Beaches in Kaua‘i

The spectacular scenery of Kaua‘i’s windward beaches makes them some of the most beautiful in the world. On the north shore, you’ll find Lumaha‘i Beach, the film site of “South Pacific.” Also be sure to go to Tunnels Beach, Anini Beach, and Hanalei Bay. On the east shore are the tropical gems of Ha‘ena Beach, Waipouli Beach, and Anahola Beach Park.

Play It Safe

When spending the perfect day at one of the best beaches in Kaua‘i, please remember to heed all posted signs regarding ocean swimming and safety.