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Maui Attractions

Whether you’re a hiker, a history buff, or a beach lover, attractions in Maui will have something for you to love. Enjoy planning your trip around a variety of different activities and Maui, Hawaii attractions:


  • HISTORIC SITES: Maui’s history ranges from ancient days to the sugar plantation era. Visit a couple of different sites to get a real sense of the different historical periods, and the way they influence life on the island today.
  • WATERFALLS: Who doesn’t love waterfalls? Whether you’re looking for a quick scenic drive-up, a hiking adventure, or a helicopter ride, Maui’s got just the waterfall for you. See why these breathtaking waterfalls are some of the greatest natural attractions in Maui.
  • STATE PARKS: From the mountains to the sea, our diversity of state parks will amaze you! Explore ancient temples, cool, foggy forests, scenic lookouts, botanical wonders, and of course, more waterfalls.
  • MUSEUMS: Maui’s got museums showcasing history from different time periods and cultures, including several missionary homes. It also has a vibrant contemporary arts movement, visible at art galleries and community arts centers across the island. Perhaps you’ll take a class yourself, and join the fun?


No matter what kind of adventure you’re looking for, Maui attractions can deliver! Fun, educational activities, and many new surprises are waiting for you!