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Maui Waterfalls

No visit to Maui is complete without visiting at least a few Maui waterfalls. We’ve got a variety to choose from, and which ones to choose depends largely on how you’d like to access them. By car, by foot, or by helicopter, you’re sure to find some beautiful ones however you go! Please note that most of the easily accessible waterfalls on Maui are located along the road to Hana.

By Car

If you’re pressed for time, mobility-challenged, or traveling with tiny children, you might prefer to view the most easily and quickly accessed of falls. Wailua Falls, the “most photographed waterfall” on Maui, is super-popular for good reason. It plunges for 80 feet into a beautiful pool, and there’s plenty of easy parking. While this does mean that it’s often crowded, most visitors don’t stick around for very long, so if you hang out for a while, you might find a little peace between the crowds.

On Foot

There are several waterfalls in Maui worth visiting within the Haleakalā National Park boundaries. A popular spot with great hiking is ʻOʻheʻo Gulch, sometimes called “Seven Sacred Pools.” As it’s part of the National Park, you’ll need to pay an entrance fee, which is also valid for visiting the summit (so save your receipt!). This spot is very popular with locals and visitors alike. You can hike about an hour each way from here to visit Waimoku Falls, the most easily accessible “really tall” waterfall on Maui. You’ll pass through a musical bamboo forest along the way. Another short (10 minutes) hike off the highway near Kipahulu will take you to Alelele Falls, another beautiful (and probably less crowded) falls within the National Park boundaries.

By Air

It’s true that some of the most spectacular waterfalls on Maui can only be seen by helicopter tour. Honokohau Falls in West Maui is truly worth the trip. It’s an extremely tall double-tiered Maui waterfall that cannot possibly be reached by any other method. You can also view the East side waterfalls (Hana side) from a helicopter, including the impressive Waimoku Falls mentioned above.

Whether you’re out to swim or just take beautiful vacation pictures, Maui’s waterfalls are a must-see. If driving to Hana seems too daunting, there are several tour companies who arrange small tours that will stop by to see many of these waterfalls on Maui. Whatever your needs, there are just so many possibilities!

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