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Personal Chefs

Personal Chefs on the Big Island

With as many farms and ranches as we have here on Hawaiʻi Island, it’s no surprise that there’s such great Big Island food available. However, there are many kinds of cuisine not commonly represented at our island’s restaurants; likewise, some restaurants have odd operating hours or are just farther away than you’d like to drive. If that is the case, why not consider hiring a personal chef? The benefits are many: individualized service, convenience, special diets easily accommodated. It need not necessarily be fancy or super pricey, either; depending on what options you choose, personal chef services can be comparable to restaurant prices. At any rate, it costs nothing to ask; give one of these fine chefs a call today!

Akamai Catering

Chef Pualani is no stranger to feeding large groups; she grew up in a big Hawaiian family and learned to cook from her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. She prepares her some of the best food on the Big Island with care and aloha, whether they be simple family meals or extravagant wedding feasts. Chef Pualani specializes in Hawaiian and Asian foods, though she’s fully versed in a variety of classic meals, from quiche to shrimp scampi. If you’re considering a destination wedding or family reunion, and are interested in a private family luau, she’s the one you want to call!

Outrageous Gourmet

Born in Hong Kong, Chef Katherine grew up helping her mother cook and host Saturday night Mah Jongg parties in San Francisco. From that solid foundation, she then spent many years traveling and absorbing the flavors of the world before coming to settle in Hawaiʻi. Chef Katherine is inspired by fresh and innovative local island flavors, and her dishes feature visually artistic presentations to wow both the eye and the palate. She also does wedding planning, so if you’re looking to make things simpler for yourself, consider hiring her to plan your wedding and cater it as well!

Happy and Raw

If what you’re seeking is health and balance, more than decadence, you might consider the services of Chef Laura Dawn and Big Island of Hawaiʻi Catering. Her focus is on whole organic foods, many supplied from her own farm in Puna. She’s happy to “cook” fully raw, flavorful meals for you, or vegan, vegetarian, cleansing / juice fasting, or just about any healthy specialty you request. If you’re planning a healing retreat, this is definitely your caterer!

Whether it’s a traditional Hawaiian luau, an elaborate wedding feast, or a smoothie full of exotic fruits, you know that the Big Island’s personal chefs have got you covered with some of the best food on Big Island Hawaiʻi! Enjoy their Hawaiʻi Big Island food on your trip for a truly luxurious getaway!