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Helicopter Tours

Big Island Helicopter Tours

If you had a magic carpet, would you bring it with you to the Big Island? Of course you would! Who wouldn’t want to be able to dive into and hover over the remote slopes and valleys of The Orchid Isle, or soar like a bird over the fiery active lava flows of Kīlauea Volcano? Well, your magic carpet awaits you on the Big Island, as you climb aboard a Big Island helicopter and leave the ordinary behind.

Photo Opportunities of a Lifetime

Most of the Big Island is inaccessible by foot or land vehicle, so the absolute best way is to experience the island is through Big Island helicopter tours. Get a bird’s-eye-view of red-hot lava streams pouring from Pu’u Oʻo Vent, explore by Mauna Kea’s towering heights, and hover amidst multitudes of 2,000-foot high waterfalls in the remote Waipi‘o and Waimanu Valleys. There are many more spectacular sights you will experience on your magic carpet ride, but we don’t want to ruin the surprise!

Big Island, Hawai‘i Helicopter Tour Companies

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters offers the longest helicopter tours of Big Island available and takes you to all of the amazing sights on the island. If really want some serious air time, try their Maui-Big Island package, which takes you over the ‘Alanuihāhā Channel to Maui to explore the cascading waterfalls of Heavenly Hāna and the largest rainforest in the U.S. Flying over the Big Island since 1997, Paradise Helicopters in Kailua-Kona has some of the best helicopter tours on the Big Island. Two-way intercoms in their state-of-the-art copters allow you to communicate with the pilot, all the while in comfortable, air-conditioned luxury. They even have a unique eco-landing opportunity where you can enjoy a tree-planting tour and lunch. Safari Helicopters has two excellent tours focusing on the fiery majesty of the Big Island’s active volcanoes.

Countdown to Liftoff

Why have an ordinary vacation when you can make it extraordinary? Go for it! If you want to experience unforgettable Big Island, Hawai‘i helicopter tours, we can make it happen. Create your Big Island memories of a lifetime by contacting our helicopter tour experts at ILoveHawaii.com today.