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‘Ono Seafood

747 Kapahulu Avenue
(808) 732-4806

‘Ono is the Hawaiian word for “delicious,” and that’s a perfect description of the food at ‘Ono Seafood. This little hole-in-the wall eatery is a veritable heaven for seafood lovers, and in a big city where restaurant prices can be a bit high, these guys are one of the best deals in Honolulu for fresh poke. A large poke bowl (about a half pound of poke) and rice runs about $10, and you get a free drink to boot. The place has been constantly busy since they day they opened their doors in 1995, so that’s sure to tell you something. Don’t expect ambiance. Do expect awesome poke.

‘Ono Honolulu Seafood Specialties

Ono Seafood specializes in poke, a delectable blend of raw or seared fresh fish, green and white onions, shoyu (soy sauce), rice, sesame seeds, and other seasonings. Ono Honolulu ‘s limited menu of eight kinds of poke makes ordering easy; you can choose between four different kinds of ‘ahi (yellowfin tuna) poke or four kinds of tako (octopus) poke. You can also buy poke by the pound, and if you are having a function ‘Ono Seafood offers pre-order party platters.

How to Get There

Ono Seafood is a bit challenging to find, but the Ono fish is worth it!located in in out of the way cubby next to an apartment building. It’s worth seeking out though. From Waikīkī Beach, turn right on Kalākaua Avenue. That’s the only way you can turn, as it’s a one-way street. Follow Kalākaua to Kapahulu Avenue. Turn left, and follow Kapahulu past the Ala Wai Golf Course on the left. After you get to the corner of Date Street and Kapahulu where the golf course ends, keep going on Kapahulu for three more blocks. After you pass Hunter Street (there’s a Taco Bell on the corner of Hunter and Kapahulu) turn into the second driveway on the right. Look for the big red sign that says “‘Ono Seafood.” They have only five parking stalls, so you may have to park in the lot next door to Ono Honolulu or on the street.