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O‘ahu Windsurfing

Wanna have some serious fun? Go windsurfing in O’ahu! A combination of surfing and sailing, windsurfing also called sailboarding, is easy and safe. Though windsurfing in O‘ahu is limited to two areas, those spots are still awesome. Regardless of your skill level, you’ll find either of these places excellent for windsurfing in O‘ahu.

O‘ahu Windsurfing Spots

One of the best spots for novices and seasoned windsurfers alike is Kailua Beach Park. Launch from Kailua Beach Park or Lanikai Beach and set out over the crystal-clear waters of Kailua Bay. Sail a mile out to the velvety white sand beaches of the uninhabited Mokulua Islands. The “Mokes,” as they are locally called, are seabird sanctuary islands where you can see endemic Hawaiian petrels nesting in hillside depressions. Wind conditions on the bay are usually light and playful; Kailua Beach is considered one of best beaches for windsurfing in O‘ahu. For advanced windsurfers who want an exhilarating ride, Diamond Head next to Waikīkī is where you want to go. The north wind through Diamond Head Crater creates good offshore conditions and some wave action. Diamond Head is also a popular surfing spot, so if you want to windsurf there please remember to be considerate of surfers.

O‘ahu Windsurfing Schools and Rentals

Pa‘ani Wai Hawai‘i in Kailua is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching safe practices for ocean sports and recreation. Pa‘ani Wai has a full line of sailboard rentals and gear, and some of the most friendly, knowledgeable O’ahu windsurfing instructors. Naish Hawai‘i, also in Kailua, is strictly rentals and sales. With a wide range of Naish sailboards to choose from, the friendly staff can gear you up for an exhilarating day on the water.

Put Some Wind in Your Sail

Whether looking for the best O’ahu windsurfing rental gear or booking a class, our vacation specialists at IloveHawaii.com are here for you. Contact us today to reserve your O’ahu windsurfing equipment or book your space in a sailboarding class.