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Scuba Diving

O‘ahu Scuba

Serene. Ethereal. Weightless. Free. These are just some of the many words used by people to describe the feeling of scuba diving. And to feel that while diving off the shores of an amazing island like O‘ahu… well, that just might be an experience beyond description. Come immerse yourself in the azure Pacific and dive O‘ahu’s spectacular reefs teeming with fish and sea life, or explore the mysteries of the many wrecks off O‘ahu’s shores. If you’re lucky, you may just get to scuba dive in O’ahu with some spinner dolphins!

O‘ahu’s Scuba Diving Hot Spots

Many of the stellar O‘ahu scuba spots are accessible by shore and range in depth from 25 to 160 feet. There are excellent shore dives all around the island, where the average reef depth is 25 feet and the visibility is often 80 feet or more. Rainbow Reef and Magic Island is one of the most spectacular south shore dives. Hana‘uma Bay Marine Preserve is also another awesome south side spot. In Hale‘iwa, you’ll find a great O’ahu scuba dive with abundant marine life at Kaiaka Bay and Turtle Heaven, where depths range from ten to 100 feet. North of Makahā on the west shore is Land of Oz, a fascinating dive with a max depth of 70 feet. Many other O‘ahu scuba dives are accessible only by boat.

O‘ahu Scuba Charters

Reef Pirates Diving in Honolulu is, as we say here in Hawaiʻi, da bomb! With groups of no more than six divers, Reef Pirates offers a number of wonderful reef and wreck dives daily. Living Ocean Scuba, also in Honolulu, caters to groups of four or less and has some of the best wreck diving and outer Hana‘uma Bay tours around. Banzai Divers Hawaiʻi specializes in lava tube and cave dives off the north and west shores, exploring places that many O’ahu scuba dive charters don’t go to. Almost all dive shops on O‘ahu rent scuba gear and offer scuba instruction and certification.

Dive Smart

It is important to remember that if you are taking an air tour, you must wait 24 hours after scuba diving in O’ahu due to the altitude change.

Get Ready To Take the Plunge

Whether an absolute newbie or a seasoned diver, a life-enriching O’ahu scuba experience awaits you off the tropcial shores. Get ready to take the plunge by contacting our scuba charter experts today at ILoveHawaii.com to book your adventure down under.