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The Surfing Pig

When you’re visiting Oahu, make sure to wander down Waialae when you’re not hitting the waves. Where 12th and Kokohead Avenue meet, you’re sure to be greeted with a delicious surprise. The Surfing Pig has found itself a home at #3605 and has quickly gained its reputation as the newest culinary pulse of Kaimuki. The Surfing Pig takes the best of island life and flavor and combines them into an unforgettable setting. Accessible and flavorful, this is a food-lovers stop you won’t want to miss on Oahu.

An Urban Twist on a Food Favorite

A well-known name on the North Shore, the owners of Kono’s were thrilled with the success the restaurant had been having since its opening on the island in 2002. With visitors and patrons alike flooding through the doors daily, it was clear that there was room to try something more. Out of the fun, lively and delicious atmosphere of Kono’s, the concept of The Surfing Pig was born. Oahu has a natural tendency to attract foodies with a vast variety of new taste combinations popping up every day. The Surfing Pig brings a delectable balance of traditional Hawaiian food and unique international infusion.

Atmosphere and Ambiance

The Surfing Pig amps up their flavor-factor by adding an urban kick to nearly everything they do and crafting a setting to match the mood. Designed to fit the bistro-style feel, visitors will find a variety of comfortable and cozy seating options. Choose to dine with friends at the communal bar where hand-crafted cocktails await or take a table in the upper loft for a more intimate setting.

Tasty Bites

The centerpiece of the Kono’s menu has always been the infamous slow-roasted pork, and the menu at The Surfing Pig simply takes this delicious item up a level. The Surfing Pig offers guests an expanded menu which utilizes slow-roasted pork as a main dish but also as a small-dish option and as a flavorful extra to unique, customized plates. With everything from Beef Tataki and Crab Cakes to Tenderloin Medallions and Stuffed French Toast available upon request, The Surfing Pig takes a unique approach to combination eating as a way to bring the heart and soul of food back to Oahu. For information on this stylized island locale, feel free to reach out via email at info@thesurfingpig.co or to make a reservation simply call 808-744-1992. Their menu is always accessible at our website https://thesurfingpig.co/#menu.

The Heights of Island Hospitality

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