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Kīkaua Point Beach Park

Kīkaua Beach, Hawai‘i is a favorite of locals and visitors with small children. A small and beautiful fringe of white sand with occasional coral, Kīkaua Point is very sheltered, shallow, and perfect for children and non-swimmers. Lava formations flank the edges of the beach, and a shaded grass area makes this shoreline spot perfect for young families. Green sea turtles can often be found grazing in the shallow tide pools and sunning themselves on the rocks. Make sure you take a trip here for one of the most family friendly beaches on Big Island, Hawai‘i!

Kīkaua Point Beach Facilities

For a tiny beach, Kīkaua Point Beach Park has quite good facilities. Restrooms, showers, drinking water and rubbish cans make for a comfortable family day at the beach. Kīkaua Point Beach is also wheelchair and baby stroller accessible.

Kīkaua Beach, Hawai‘i Swimming Conditions

Anyone can get in the water at Kīkaua Beach Big Island, even toddlers and non-swimmers. Lava outcroppings and boulders create an ocean cove that is always placid, except during intense storms. If you venture beyond the immediate surrounding lava, you will find some interesting snorkeling within the outer shallows. Venturing outside of the protected area is not recommended due to strong currents. As with all Hawaiian beaches, check the current conditions and pay heed to all posted signs regarding ocean conditions and safety.

How to Get There

From Kona, drive north on Highway 19 for about ten miles. Near mile marker 87 you’ll see Kuki‘o Nui Drive. Turn left, and follow the road past the guard shack. The parking lot holds only 28 cars, and is usually pretty open unless there is a wedding taking place. Once the 28-car limit has been reached, the guard will not allow any more vehicles in the lot.