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Laupāhoehoe Point Beach Park

Laupāhoehoe Point Beach Park is situated on a peninsula midway along the Hāmākua Coast, and though it’s not your typical sand-and-surf beach, it’s well worth checking out. Lush rainforest and spectacular views of the rugged coastline along with great beachside park facilities make for an excellent day by the ocean. The lava branches extending from the south side of the shore offer some decent shoreline fishing, and you can see locals throwing fishnets on any given day. Learn more about one of Hawai‘i Big Island’s best beaches below!

Laupāhoehoe History

Throughout the 1800s, Laupāhoehoe, Hawai‘i was a sugarcane, taro farming, and fishing community. With the establishment of the Ladd & Co. sugar plantation, the sleepy town transformed into a bustling plantation town and became a stop along the newly built Hawai‘i Consolidated Railroad. Laupāhoehoe, Hawai‘i remained a thriving community complete with a shipping harbor until April 1, 1946, when three devastating tsunamis struck the peninsula in succession. The tsunamis swept away many homes and the schoolhouse. Tragically, the massive waves killed 23 schoolchildren and four teachers, along with many residents. There is a monumet erected at the school site in memory of those who perished that day.

Laupāhoehoe Beach Facilities

Laupāhoehoe Point Beach Park offers large pavilions, picnic tables, campsites, potable water, showers and restrooms. Most areas of the park are handicapped accessible.

Laupāhoehoe Beach Swimming Conditions

Swimming at Laupāhoehoe is not recommended; the water is usually rough and the currents strong. Splashing around can be had in some of the tide pools on calm days. As with all Hawaiian beaches, check the current conditions and pay heed to all posted signs regarding ocean conditions and safety.

How to Get There

From Hilo, take Highway 11 to Laupāhoehoe Point Road. Turn right and follow the paved road down the cliff to the end.