Mountain View

Our Big Island Vacation Homes in Mountain View

Though the name implies a view of a mountain, in the case of Mountain View, you’re actually ON the mountain already. And as it’s Mauna Loa, the grade is so gradual you hardly even realize it until you look way, way down towards the ocean. Mountain View is halfway up the highway between Hilo and Volcano, so if you’re contemplating a visit to Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park and want to spend more than one day there, choose one of our these great Big Island vacation homes!

Mountain View is peace and quiet. It’s native ʻōhiʻa forest, lush ferns, and not a whole lot else. This is a great place to stay if you’re looking for a truly peaceful mountain vacation. It can get cool at night here, due to the higher elevation, so keep that in mind while packing. There isn’t really much of a town here, but there are many businesses scattered along the highway between Hilo and Volcano, so you’ll have a few options for services. The nearest real grocery store is in Keaʻau, which also has a few decent restaurants.

If you like agricultural tours, there are lots of spots to visit in this area. Hilo Coffee Mill showcases the best of the east side coffee (and yes, it’s just as good as Kona brew, maybe better!). They also host a Saturday farmers’ market. Akatsuka Orchid Gardens, toward Volcano, is a great place to see some of the many orchids that are such big business in this region.

Mountain View is a great home base from which to explore Volcano, Hilo, and the whole Puna District! So what are you waiting for? Book one of our Big Island vacation homes, and start planning your vacation today!