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Hawaiʻi Island Vacation Rentals

Looking for fun in the sun, and a different kind of Hawaiʻi adventure? Then look no further than Hawaiʻi Island, aka the Big Island, for a vacation experience that’s unlike any other. With nearly every climate zone in the world represented here on this island, plus a unique history of immigrants from around the globe, and some of the youngest land on the planet, Hawaiʻi Island’s endless diversity never fails to amaze. Choose one of our great Hawaiʻi Island vacation rentals, and get ready for a new adventure!

Here on Hawaiʻi Island, you can go snorkeling in the morning over a beautiful coral reef, eat grass-fed island beef at a paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy) farmers’ market at noon, watch the sun set from a nearly 14,000 foot mountain summit, then get back in the ocean again after dark, and dive with manta rays. Although you’d be pretty tired that night! Maybe you don’t need to cram quite so much adventure into merely one day of your vacation, but you can definitely do all those fun things while you’re here.

Top Big Island Attractions

The Big Island is well known and loved for its dramatic landscapes and opportunities to experience raw nature firsthand. Perhaps it is most well-known for its dramatic black sand beaches, which are more plentiful on the Big Island than any other. Punalu’u Beach, also often referred to simply as Black Sand Beach, is easily accessible and one of the island’s most popular black sand beaches. The sand is actually made of tiny fragments of lava rock, resulting in a much coarser texture than white sand. Rather than being formed over a long period of time and weathering, black sand is created almost instantly when hot lava solidifies and then shatters when it enters the cold ocean. All of this results in a striking backdrop, where the starkness of the black stands as an element of surprise against the blue ocean and sky, and abundant palm trees breathe life into a place that otherwise may seem desolate. Explore the raw beauty of Punalu’u Beach, where the warm sand is a strong attraction for sea turtles along the shoreline. The currents can often be strong here resulting in less than ideal swimming conditions, so it’s best to leave swimming for other beaches.

From the black sands of Punalu’u to the source of the lava at Volcanoes National Park, nature on the Big Island is wild and untamed. The landscape at Volcanoes National Park is otherworldly, with steam rising from the earth’s vents and persistent plants pushing their way up through lava rock strewn fields. Several lookout points throughout the park offer sweeping vistas, while hiking trails provide a closer experience with this stunning landscape. It is always best to check the park’s website before visiting for updated information on accessibility and closures, due to its active nature. In a landscape that is everchanging, Volcanoes National Park is at the forefront!

Akaka Falls State Park located on the Big Island’s remote east coast offers more dramatic nature scenes. A four-mile loop trail leads visitors past the 100-foot Kahuna Falls to the area’s main attraction – the 422-foot high Akaka Falls. While this isn’t a waterfall, you’ll be able to swim in, the view from the trail is stunning and well worth the fairly easy hike.

There are so many exciting ways to spend your time on the Big Island! Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or a family vacation, this striking island will not disappoint.

Whether you like exploring all over the island, or just kicking back at the beach, you’ll be glad to have a comfortable vacation rental to return to in the evening. Choose one that perfectly suits your family, whether it’s budget or luxury, beachfront or cool mountain air that you prefer. We have a great array of choices, as there’s something for everybody here on this beautiful island. Like historic old towns full of art galleries, surrounded by fragrant coffee fields? Got it. Walking distance to the beach? Got that too. Incredible views of whales in the winter? We can accommodate you.

Hawaiʻi Island’s many vacation rentals are waiting for you!