Ever wished you could go back in time, to a place where the streets are safe and everyone knows each other? Choose a Honokaʻa vacation rental, on the northern end of the beautiful Hāmākua Coast, and feel like you have done just that. Walk the main street, enjoying the historic false-front architecture, and imagine how it might have looked a hundred years ago, with the help of the historic photographs stationed around town in the storefront windows.

For many years, this was the second-largest town on the island (after Hilo), as Kailua-Kona was just a small fishing village. Honokaʻa Hawaii was a destination for sugar plantation immigrants from Japan, China, Portugal, the Philippines, and Puerto Rico, as well as a party town for G.I.s stationed in Waimea during World War II. Today it retains much of its traditional charm. The centerpiece of the town is the historic People’s Theatre, which still shows movies and hosts concerts from a surprising array of well-known entertainers. Those interested in the history of the area should pay a visit to the Historic Honokaʻa Exhibit at the North Hawaiʻi Education and Research Center; it’s an excellent small museum that’s often overlooked.

Many come to our Honokaʻa vacation rentals drawn by the lure of nearby Waipiʻo Valley, the majestic and fruitful valley where Kamehameha grew up. There are several tour companies in the area if you’re looking to get a more thorough view than what can be seen from the overlook. Honokaʻa is also a great base for those interested in farm tours, as the surrounding lands are thoroughly agricultural. A particularly good one is the family tea farming operation at Mauna Kea Tea; call first for a reservation.

The charm of the past lives on in the present, here in Honokaʻa!