Keaukaha Vacation Houses For Rent in Hawaii

Along the coastal edge of Hilo town lies the traditional Hawaiian neighborhood of Keaukaha, where residents still rely on the ocean for sustenance and health. In summer, whole families camp out for weeks on end at the shoreline, fishing and swimming to their hearts’ content. Keaukaha is an extension of Hilo, but feels more like a small beach community. There may not be much sand, but if you choose one of our great Keaukaha vacation rentals on the Big Island, you’ll enjoy the ocean as much as you ever have!

When people in Hilo refer to the “beach,” they don’t mean a stretch of soft white sand, as there isn’t any of that on the east side of the island. They just mean “somewhere you can jump in and swim.” And there is indeed plenty of that! Keaukaha is dotted with beach parks from one end to the other; on the way there, you’ll see local kids jumping in the cold water from the road, right next to Ponds restaurant. Keaukaha is full of freshwater springs, where cold mountain-filtered water seeps out into the sea. Swimming here is quite different than anyplace else, because the cold freshwater floats on top, while the salty ocean water stays below. The whole area is speckled with these fresh and brackish ponds, often in people’s yards. Sea turtles and monk seals love this area too, and if you get lucky, you might see some. Remember not to bother them!

From Keaukaha, it’s a nice flat bike ride into town, with a bike lane the whole way that turns into a bike path when you get to the Bayfront parks. A bike makes it easy to stop and check out all the different beach parks along the stretch, as parking can be difficult at some of them. Keaukaha also tends to be a bit sunnier than Hilo town, though it’s so pretty here that you won’t mind swimming in the rain. Enjoy a different type of seaside vacation when you book one of our wonderful vacation rentals on the Big Island today!