Laupāhoehoe, Hawaii Rental Homes For Your Vacation

In the middle of the spectacular Hāmākua Coast lies the little town of Laupāhoehoe, 25 miles north of Hilo. It’s a great place to relax, enjoy amazing views with daily rainbows, and admire the incredible beauty of the wild coastline. Have a Hāmākua vacation retreat in one of our great Laupāhoehoe, Big Island home rentals!

Laupāhoehoe, though barely more than a plantation camp of homes, has one distinguishing characteristic that sets it apart from the rest of the Hāmākua Coast: it’s possible to access the ocean here. Laupāhoehoe Point is a beautiful grassy park with a memorial commemorating the lives lost here in a tsunami in 1946; it washed away the schoolhouse and drowned 24 people in this place, mostly children. After that, the town moved up to its present position on the overlooking cliff, leaving the open space as a park. There’s a boat ramp where small fishing boats put in (and where adventurous locals swim in the deep water), as well as a tidepool area for children to explore. There are restrooms and a picnic pavilion as well. Conditions are best here in the morning, as the wind can be intense later in the day.

Though Laupāhoehoe is tiny, it does have a great store/restaurant of note: the Pāpaʻaloa Country Store (technically in Pāpaʻaloa, but the two are essentially one town). It’s your quintessential “one of everything” country store, but with a strong focus on healthy, locally produced, amazing food. Great fish tacos and burgers, but the laulau is the real winner; it’s known up and down the coast among locals.

Enjoy some rest and relaxation in beautiful Laupāhoehoe when you stay in one of our amazing Hawaii rental homes here today!