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Ocean View

Ocean View Vacation House Rentals in Hawaii

Perched on the side of an active volcano (Mauna Loa), Ocean View is a large residential subdivision of mainly black lava fields. Upon this, residents have built a community of truly unique character. This area is heavily populated by those looking to “get away from it all,” as they can have plenty of privacy here. You are guaranteed to meet interesting characters in Ocean View! Choose one of our great Hawaii beach home or house rentals here, and explore Kaʻū and South Kona, all the while getting a different perspective on life here in Hawaiʻi.

While most services are either in Naʻalehu or back towards Kona, Ocean View does have a decent grocery store and a few mom-and-pop restaurants. There’s also an interesting flea market that’s popular with local residents. Nearby Ka Lae, South Point, is the southernmost tip of the United States; it’s a stunning 40-foot cliff plunge into deep blue ocean. Make sure you bring plenty of water and sun protection, especially if you plan to hike the four-mile round-trip to Papakōlea (Green Sand Beach).

A unique adventure in this area is the Kula Kai Caverns tours. Experienced cave guides lead guests on one of several different tour options; choose from a 30-minute “lighted trail” tour or more advanced options that require greater physical stamina. These caverns are ancient lava tubes that once flowed towards the ocean, and are quite different than caves in other parts of the world. Must call for reservations.

Kaʻū District is unique, and Ocean View certainly so. Stay here and see a whole different side of Hawaiʻi!

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