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Paʻauilo, Hawaii houses for Rent

Paʻauilo, Hawaii Houses For Rent

Just a few miles south of Honokaʻa lies the cute plantation camp town of Paʻauilo. If you’ve ever wondered what a sugar plantation village looked like, look no further than this collection of tiny homes, surrounding a county gym and ballfield, with a “one of everything” store and elementary school just across the street. The ocean views are superb, children run free in the streets, and everyone knows each other. Want to visit this piece of paradise? Then choose one of our great Paauilo, Hawaii houses for rent!

A couple of miles up the road, you’ll find that the little town of Honokaʻa has all the basic amenities, including a few fabulous restaurants, a decent grocery store, banks, gas stations, a public library, and even a historic old movie theatre with showings most nights. It’s a peaceful small-town life here, and residents like it that way. Those interested in learning more about the history of the area should stop in and visit the Historic Honokaʻa Exhibit at the North Hawaiʻi Education and Research Center; it’s a great little museum.

On the Hāmākua Coast, you may not have beaches, but the beauty of our 1000-foot elevation ocean views, rolling pastures, and frequent rainbows will more than make up for it. For avid hikers, there are multiple opportunities nearby to get out and enjoy nature on the Big Island’s beautiful northern shore. There’s great forest hiking at nearby Kalopā State Park, which is located just 5 miles west of Pa’auilo. With the fresh scent of tall eucalyptus all around, hikers will love wandering through this picturesque area. A variety of rare native plants can be found in arboretum, including endangered loulu palms as well as a number of rare native hibiscus. Explore the Kalopa Nature Trail, an easy 0.7-mile loop that journeys through a forest of native ʻohiʻa lehua trees. Kalopa State Park is good destination when you want to escape the heat. Situated at 2,000 feet of elevation and offering plenty of shade, its grounds are often cool and damp.

And of course, from your stay in one of our condos in Hawaii for vacation, the many wonders of Waipiʻo Valley are just up the road! As the former permanent home for Hawaiian royalty, it is known as the Valley of the Kings and means “curved water” in the Hawaiian language. The Waipi’o Valley is one of the most picturesque places on the island. It features dramatic 3,000-foot cliffs, soaring waterfalls, and is divided by the Waipi’o River. Hiking down to the black sand beach requires some effort, but rewards with incredible views. The black sand beach awaiting at the bottom is best left for its admiration, as the waters tend to be too rough for swimming. The stunning Hi’ilawe Falls can best be viewed from the Muliwai Trail, halfway up the sea cliffs on the other side of the valley. Those not up for the grueling hike down (and then back out!) can admire the views from the lookout above or visit the valley on a guided tour with one of the tour operators in the area. From your stay in one of our Pa’auilo houses for rent, beautiful Big Island attractions such as the Kalopa State Park and Waipi’o Valley are just a short drive away!

Come admire the beautiful ocean views here when you stay in one of our Paauilo, Hawaii houses for rent!

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