All About Our Pāhala Vacation Rentals

Between Volcano and Naʻalehu, halfway down the mountain’s slope, lies the former sugar plantation town of Pāhala. It’s a small town with lots of heart, and a great example of life in rural Hawaiʻi. Pāhala has all the basic services, such as emergency medical, library, public pool, and grocery stores, but nothing fancy. If you’d like to see how the locals live in rural Hawaiʻi Island, consider staying in one of our Pahala, Hawaii vacation rentals!

Pāhala, and Kaʻū District in general, is in one of the prettiest areas on the island. Kaʻū is also an up-and-coming coffee farming district, as you’ll see if you visit the Kaʻū Coffee Mill. That’s right, it’s not only Kona that grows good coffee! Try some Kaʻū coffee and macadamia nuts here, and learn more about their growing and roasting processes. Another unique spot to check out is the Wood Valley Temple, a Buddhist monastery where everyone is welcome to visit and meditate. It’s recommended to call first so they know to expect you. This sacred place was established in 1973, and many illustrious teachers have come here, including His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Popular outdoor destinations nearby include Volcanoes National Park, Ka Lae (South Point), Whittington Beach Park, and Punaluʻu Black Sand Beach. Whether you love hiking, photography, swimming, or any other kind of outdoor adventure, you’ll love the peace and beauty of Kaʻū and its many magical spots. Please exercise caution when adventuring in remote areas, especially in the ocean.

Come stay in one of our Pahala, Hawaii vacation rentals and enjoy the pristine beauty of Kaʻū!