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Waialea Bay

Our Selection of Waialea Bay Vacation Rentals

At the southern end of Hāpuna Beach State Recreation Area, on the sunny Kohala Coast, sits the sweet little crescent of Waialea Bay. A perennial favorite for local families who prefer some shade on their beach, Waialea is now becoming popular with visitors as well, many of whom enjoy taking photographs of the unusual trees that grow sideways on the sand here, reaching out into the water. The area is home to a handful of beautiful luxury vacation rentals, and if you choose one of our great Waialea Bay vacation rentals, you’ll be able to enjoy this great beach in the evenings, when the public parking lot is closed.

The trees are the first thing you’ll notice about this beach, and they do make it distinctly different from anywhere else. You can sit in the shade while you watch your kids play in the water, which is pretty rare! But the shade isn’t the only reason this beach is popular; in the calmer summer months, it’s known as a great spot for stand-up paddling and snorkeling. Please remember to use only oxybenzone-free sunscreen, as this chemical is known to damage young coral. During winter storms, this beach can get surprisingly rough, and there are no lifeguards here, so exercise caution while swimming.

Waialea Bay is part of Hāpuna Beach State Recreation Area, and you’ll definitely want to check out Hāpuna Beach as well. It’s the longest stretch of white sandy beach on the island, and is a great place to catch some rays, especially in the morning before it gets crowded. It’s nice to rent bikes if you stay at Waialea, because it’s a sweet little ride either to Hāpuna, or to Puakō in the other direction. While Puakō General Store is very well-stocked, for a little beach store, you’ll want to head either to Waimea or Waikoloa for more serious grocery shopping.

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