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Waikoloa Beach

Our Spectacular Waikoloa Beach Vacation Rentals

Imagine a visitor’s paradise in Hawaiʻi: beautiful landscaping, a great beach, luxury hotels that look like art galleries, shopping centers, and world-class golf courses. Did you ever want to relax and enjoy a place like this? Well, welcome to Waikoloa Beach Resort! Choose one of our great Waikoloa vacation beach rentals, and you’re sure to feel like royalty!

Waikoloa Beach Resort (distinctly different from Waikoloa Village) is the location of the Waikoloa Beach Marriott and the Hilton Waikoloa. Even if you’re staying at a different property, you’ll definitely want to wander around the grounds of these fabulous hotels. The Hilton in particular is Hawaiʻi Island’s version of Disneyland; the man-made lagoon, pools, waterslides, and incredible grounds are worth a stroll around, and if you don’t feel like walking, you can hop on the little train or boat ride to go from one end of the property to another. It’s also like a museum, with a vast art collection from all over Asia and the Pacific on display.

Most of Waikoloa’s coastline is rocky, except for ʻAnaehoʻomalu Bay, also known as A-Bay. It’s a nice white sand beach with adjacent historical fishponds. Ocean Sports is located here, and they’ll be happy to rent you any kind of beach gear you can possibly imagine, as well as book you a glass-bottom boat or whale watching tour.

Waikoloa also has two world-class golf courses, the Kings’ Course and the Beach Course. You’ll find great boutique shopping and at the Kings’ and Queens’ Shops, as well as grocery stores. The Marriott and Hilton also have great spa facilities if you’re looking to get pampered. In short, our Waikoloa beach vacation rentals have absolutely everything you need for a great vacation getaway!