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Though it’s a neighborhood on the north edge of Hilo, in Wainaku Hawaii, you feel like you’re deep in the rainforest. You’d never know that a bustling small city is just a stone’s throw away, because your Wainaku vacation rental abuts lush gulches overflowing with greenery. Come choose a Wainaku vacation rental, and enjoy city convenience coupled with rainforest beauty!

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Wainaku Hawaii is a very convenient proximity to all the great activities of Hilo, the biggest town on Hawaiʻi Island. That means when you stay in a Wainaku vacation rental you have easy access to a host of great activities, including arts, entertainment, and shopping. You won’t want to miss the waterfalls of Waiānuenue Drive; they’re just a short drive mauka (uphill). Enjoy the view, but it’s not recommended to swim in the Wailuku River, as it can be surprisingly hazardous. On your way back into town, pull over at the Hilo Library for a little piece of Hawaiian history: right in front is the famous Naha Stone, upon which aliʻi children were placed to prove their chiefly status.

You’ll find lots of great restaurants in Hilo to choose from for lunch, after which you might consider taking a swim at one of the beach parks in Keaukaha, a coastal neighborhood just past the harbor. Or if you care to venture further afield, spend your afternoon visiting Volcanoes National Park, taking in the incredible and stunning landscape. If you don’t feel like driving so far, no worries: Hilo has many unique small museums to explore, and the Bayfront area is wonderful for strolling, shopping, and people-watching. If you’re fortunate enough to be in Wainaku on the second or fourth Wednesday of the month, check out Wainaku Wednesdays, a free evening event held at Wainaku Executive Center, which overlooks Hilo Bay. Think farmers’ market with live music and alcohol; it’s quite a party.

Enjoy lush Wainaku Hawaii, and your visit to Hilo town when you stay in a Wainaku vacation rental!