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Top 5 Tours on Hawaiʻi Big Island

While you can (and should) certainly explore the island on your own, some special places are best seen with an experienced tour guide along to show you the best bits you might not find on your own. Check out these great tours to really add value to your vacation! Find out about the Big Island tours.

Waipiʻo Valley

The famous “valley of kings” is best appreciated when you can really understand its history and culture. From ancient days, when the valley supported a population of thousands with its fertile soils, until the present, when farmers still cultivate the taro paddies, Waipiʻo has a long and fascinating heritage. Since the steep road down is really too treacherous for visitors to drive, why not take a tour? There are several companies around Honokaʻa to choose from, so decide whether you’d prefer horseback riding, ATVs, or just a wagon tour. Hawaii Big Island tours are for everyone.

Bike Kīlauea Volcano

Though every visitor to Hawaiʻi Island will probably stop at Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park, not so many will do it in the best way of all: by bicycle. The slower pace of a bike allows you to see and experience so much more than when you’re in a car! Bike Volcano’s knowledgeable guides will share geological and cultural information, provide safe equipment, snacks, and hydration, and in case you get tired of pedaling, a support vehicle to ride in. Well-kept roads and moderate temperatures make cycling here an absolute delight.

Kealakekua Snorkel Adventure

No one wants to miss out on the famous snorkeling of Kealakekua Bay. But did you know that the best snorkel spot is over near the Cook Monument, inaccessible by car? What’s a visitor to do? Well, the easiest and best way to get there is on a snorkel boat, such as Fair Wind, which will not only take you right to the spot, but will do it in safety and style, with a great crew, snacks, and a comfortable boat experience. Get ready to see some amazing corals! Let this be your one of your tours in Hawaii Big Island.

Private Waterfall Swims

Everyone wants to swim in a waterfall in Hawaiʻi, right? But on the Big Island, there’s not so many easily accessible waterfalls to choose from. If you want a great private waterfall experience, try the Kohala Waterfalls Adventure from Hawaiʻi Forest & Trail. Kohala mountain has a lot of great waterfalls on private land, and this tour is one of the only ways to access them. Enjoy a refreshing swim, gorgeous views, and knowledgeable guides!

Mauna Kea at Night

Ever wanted to stargaze from the world-famous summit of Mauna Kea? Of course, right? Not so easy to get to on its own (4WD required), the summit is easily reached with a great tour like those from Mauna Kea Summit Adventures. They’ll take you on an educational journey with astounding views, serve you a hearty meal, and even bring winter jackets along for your comfort. You’ll never see sunset the same way again, once you’ve seen it from the summit of Mauna Kea!

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