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This coastal area just north of Kekaha Kai State Park on the Kona Coast is known today primarily for its high-end luxury properties and the Four Seasons Hualālai Resort. This was the very first area to be developed as a resort in Kona, starting with the iconic Kona Village Resort in 1965. Bur the history of the area is much deeper and richer than tourism; Kaʻūpūlehu was once a populous Hawaiian fishing village. Choose one of our fabulous luxury rentals here, and come see why people all over the world consider Kaʻūpūlehu to be one of the most special places in Hawaiʻi! Find out about our condo rentals in Hawaii!

The history of Kaʻūpūlehu and surrounding areas is carefully preserved and shared in several places: The Cultural Reserve and Interpretive Center at Kalaemanō, and the Kaʻūpūlehu Cultural Center at Four Seasons Resort. Visitors to these centers can learn about traditional Hawaiian life in a fishing village, and something of the history of the area.

Kaʻūpūlehu is a luxury area; in fact, the most expensive homes in Hawaiʻi are located here in the Kūkiʻo development. Likewise, the Four Seasons Hualālai Resort is a very upscale hotel. Rentals in this area have not only fabulous ocean views, but all the amenities you could imagine.

Kaʻūpūlehu is a place for luxury, culture, comfort, and convenience for the visitor. It’s just north of the Kona International Airport, and only a short drive from downtown Kailua-Kona. In addition, since it’s just north of Kekaha Kai State Park, there are numerous great beaches very close by for you to explore.

Kaʻūpūlehu is a rare and special place. Start planning your stay today and reserve one of our Hawaii house rentals on Big Island.