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Kalapana Vacation House Rentals In Hawaii

Once a thriving Hawaiian fishing village, Kalapana was largely covered by lava in the 1980s. Not to be deterred, many residents came right back and rebuilt their homes atop the new land. People who live in Kalapana know this is the chance they take, living on an active volcano, and they embrace and accept that. Kalapana is truly at the end of the road, as the road was covered with lava from this point on. If you’d like to see a different side of Hawaiʻi, get away from it all, and contemplate the raw power of nature on a daily basis, then choose one of our great  Kalapana vacation rentals!

A good 20 minutes’ drive past Pahoa, the last sizeable town, Kalapana is on the coast. There used to be a lovely black sand beach here, Kaimū, which was covered over by lava as well. Today, New Kaimū Beach is being rebuilt by the pounding surf right before your eyes, though it’s far from swimmable yet.

At the end of the road, you’ll find the one and only “business” around here, though it’s more of a family compound. Uncle Robert’s ‘Awa Bar, which hosts quite a gathering every Wednesday at their “night market,” is a true expression of aloha, and is not to be missed if you’re in the area. Many vendors set up and sell their crafts and food, and the local musical entertainment is excellent.

Heading along the coast from here, towards Kapoho, you’ll follow the “red road” (once paved with red cinders, and still called that by most). There are few beaches in this area, as it’s such new land, and mostly rocky. That said, there are a handful of places to get in the water. Head down the road and explore!

Kalapana, a place synonymous with the 1980s lava flow, is a truly unique little community. Start planning your visit and select one of our Kalapana Shores vacation rentals today!