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Kapoho Vacation Rentals

Often referred to as “sunny Kapoho” by residents here, Kapoho is, in fact, the sunniest place on the east side of the island. The sky is often clear here when it’s raining just a few miles inland. Kapoho is at the end of the road, a decent 15 minutes’ drive from Pahoa, and there are no services here. There are, however, lots of unique natural areas to explore along the coast here. If you’re looking for a remote island paradise, choose one of our great rentals in sunny Kapoho! Check out our Kapoho Beach house rentals.

Kapoho was once a thriving village, but was covered over by lava in the 1960s. Though the town was not rebuilt, many people have moved back, and it’s a residential neighborhood today. Though there aren’t many beaches here (like, with sand), there are lots of spots to get in the water. Wai ʻOpae, also called Kapoho Tidepools, is a popular spot for kids and beginner snorkelers. The pools are set amongst pāhoehoe lava (the smooth kind), so it’s nice to sit and sun here. There’s no shade, and it can get hot.

There are several thermal pools in the area, with warm water coming up from the volcanic activity beneath. That said, they’re NOT hot springs; the hot water mingles with the ocean in each place, so they’re not really warmer than body temperature. Ahalanui is a county park with port-a-potties and showers; this can be a really nice place when it’s not busy, so go on a weekday morning. The Champagne Ponds are a similar type of thing, but they’re located in a gated residential area, so you must park outside and walk, and there are no facilities. Pohoiki Beach Park is a short coastal drive down the “red road” (Kapoho-Kalapana road); it’s popular with local families and includes a boat ramp where children swim.

Enjoy your stay in sunny Kapoho! and enjoy your time at one of our Kapoho vacation homes.