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Art Galleries

Art Galleries on Kauaʻi

It’s hard to say which town on Kauaʻi is the “art capital,” because so many of them offer wonderful exhibitions and art galleries in Kaua’i to choose from. And who knows? The scenery all around you being so beautiful, you might get inspired to create your own works of art in Kaua’i during your stay!


Kauaʻi Society of Artists (KSA) Gallery is a great place to see a showcase of local artists, working in a variety of media, from around the island. This Kaua’i art gallery is located at Kukui Grove Shopping Center in Lihue, and occasionally offers workshops as well as regularly changing exhibitions. It’s open from noon to 6 pm daily, and until 9 on Fridays.

If you’re interested in photography, you’ll want to stop in at Seductions of Kauaʻi Gallery, located at the Lihue Marriott Resort.  The proprietor, Denis Orme, also conducts photo tours of the island, in which he will guide you to special spots to capture your own vacation keepsake memories. Tours are tailored to the visitor’s preferences; families welcome. Professional photographer assistance and wisdom included in this awesome art gallery in Kaua’i!


A unique Kaua’i art gallery dedicated to glass arts, Kela’s Glass Gallery can be found next to the soccer field by the entrance to Kapaʻa Beach Park. Many of their offerings can be found on their website, but the three-dimensional glory of a glass sculpture can only truly be appreciated in person. Kapaʻa is also a great town to stroll around in and look for hidden gems of Kaua’i art galleries and shops.


The absolute best place to buy Niʻihau shell jewelry (Hawaiʻi’s equivalent of rare gems) is in the sleepy old-west town of Hanapepe. Located in a little mom-and-pop shop that also sells snacks, JJ Ohana has the best prices and friendliest service you could imagine. Find them at 3805 Hanapepe Road.

Just steps away, you’ll find Island Art Gallery, a unique and beautiful shop filled with a variety of special items you’ll want to take home with you. Find original gourd-baskets, jewelry made from a gorgeous forest fungus, colorful paper beads from Uganda, and much, much more.


Finally, the incredibly gorgeous setting of the town of Hanalei can’t help but inspire Kaua’i art galore. At Haleleʻa Gallery, located in the Hanalei Dolphin Center, you’ll find art for both traditional and modern tastes, as well as locally made clothing and gifts. And of course, a stroll around lovely Hanalei will turn up even more treasure.

Are you ready for your art-filled Kauaʻi adventure?