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Off-Road and ATV Tours

Kaua‘i Off-Road and ATV Tours

When getting up close and personal with the rugged terrain and incredible natural beauty of Kaua‘i is a must-have on your vacation, our off-road and ATV tours in Kaua’i are the way to go. Literally thousands of private acres on Hawai‘i’s “Garden Isle” are open for personalized off-road tours, offering access to spectacular, little known places that most visitors would not otherwise experience. Hop into an off-road buggy driven by one of our highly-trained Kaua’i ATV tour operators, who will impart to you a wealth of cultural and historical knowledge. Or, rent your own mud-busting fun machine for an unforgettable adventure into Kaua’i’s wild wilderness!

Off-Road Trails on Kaua‘i

Which off-road trails are the best? All of them! It depends on what you want to see and do. Most of Kaua‘i is inaccessible by conventional vehicles, and there are breathtaking sights all over the island. The windward side of the island (north and east shores) is wet and lush with tropical jungle, towering waterfalls, and great swimming holes. The leeward side (south and west shores) is dryer; it is on the lee side that you will find the famous Waimea Canyon, also known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. Almost all trails have stunning, panoramic vistas of the mountains and azure ocean.

Choosing an Off-Road or ATV Tour in Kauai

Most of the trails are on private ranchlands, which encompass much of the accessible terrain on Kaua‘i. Kipu Ranch, 3,000 acres of jaw-dropping natural beauty on Kaua‘i’s east side, offers a number of tour packages, or you can rent your own ATV if you want to take off and have no one else around. Kaua‘i ATV tours in Koloa offers a whopping 25 miles of trails that take you through historic plantation lands and are chock full of waterfall pools. Princeville Ranch Adventures on the north shore is closest to the famed Na Pali Coast; the scenery is second to none. Waimea Canyon trails are accessible through our expert guides at Kauai Jeep Tours; tours include a hike to the 800-foot high Waipo‘o Falls deep within the canyon.

An Intimate Kaua‘i Experience

From the mountain to the ocean, our selection of knowledgeable Kaua’i ATV tours and off-road guides will make your Kaua‘i vacation as memorable as it can be. Contact our off-road tour specialists at ILoveHawaii.com to make your Kaua‘i vacation dreams come true!