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Kaua‘i Biking

There are few cycling experiences that can match taking a bicycle adventure on Kaua‘i. Really. From quietly biking to a high, remote pali (cliff) for a picnic with an expansive view of the Pacific below to flying down the road with the wind in your hair at Waimea Canyon, the cycling on Kaua’i is world-class. Enjoy a downhill bike tour with friendly and experienced cycling guides who will take you through Waimea Canyon and share their in-depth historical and cultural knowledge. Or, rent a bike and strike out on your own to explore the islands hidden treasures with Kaua‘i mountain biking.

Bike Tours on Kaua‘i

There are not very many guided tours for biking on Kaua‘i; however most bike rental companies will be happy to fill you in on the best Kaua’i bike trails and destinations. If you want a really amazing tour though (one of the best in our opinion), be sure to take the 13-mile downhill cycle trip through Waimea Canyon with Outfitters Hawai‘i. Starting at Koke‘e State Park on the rim of the Canyon, this exhilarating half-day ride ends at the shore 3,600 feet below. The trip is entirely on blacktop, so it is perfect for those who prefer an easy, spectacular, and fun ride.

Kaua‘i Bike Rentals

Renting on a bike on Kaua‘i is easy and affordable. A favorite of locals and visitors alike is the Bike Doktor North Shore Bike Shop in Hanalei. Owner and lifelong resident of Kaua‘i John Sargent, aka The Bike Doktor, can provide everything you need for biking in Kaua’i. Friendly and easygoing, Johnny, as his friends call him, has a large selection of rental bikes and will stock you with all of the gear and info you need for an amazing Kauai biking experience. Kaua‘i Cycles in Kapa‘a can also set you up for a stellar day of cycling, with many styles of bikes to choose from. Outfitters Hawai‘i in Koloa also rents bikes by the day; Coconut Coasters in Kapa‘a rents only cruisers and even has bicycles built for two.

Getting Your Wheels Rolling

Biking Kaua’i is one of the most popular activities on Kaua’i; downhill Kaua’i biking tours fill up fast, and sometimes finding the kind of bike you want to rent can be tough if reservations aren’t made in advance. Contact our Kaua‘i cycle tour experts at ILoveHawaii.com today to reserve a bike or book an unforgettable cycling experience!