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Private Chefs

Private Chefs on Kauaʻi

Like any popular vacation destination, Kauaʻi boasts its share of great restaurants. But sometimes a restaurant doesn’t quite meet your needs. If your family has special dietary challenges, you want to host a really special gathering, or you’d just prefer to have your gourmet in, private chefs in Kaua’i are a great option for making your vacation extra-special. Kaua’i private chefs can make you exactly what you want, when you want it, right in the comfort of your own home. They can customize to your needs, or work with certain ingredients you might be interested in trying. In general, most private chefs in Kaua’i are willing to travel the whole island, perhaps for an extra fee depending on how far they’ll need to drive.

North Side

A great personal chef in Kaua’i on the north side is Dani Felix. Her approach to food is simple: healthy local ingredients in season, and organic whenever possible. Get a sample of her offerings on her website, www.privatechefkauai.com. She’s based in Hanalei.

Another amazing chef located in Hanalei is Lala at Good Food Hanalei. She pledges to use fresh island meats and fish, along with local, organic, sustainable ingredients. Check out her menu at www.goodfoodhanalei.com. She even does a drop-off meal service (that’s as good as take-out gets!).

East Side

Centrally located in Kapaʻa town, Kaua’i privatte chef Cory Stokes loves to create the perfect meal experience for his clients. An avid gardener, he’ll often bring herbs and vegetables straight out of his own organic garden to your meal. Cory also offers a special kitchen-stocking service, for those staying in vacation rentals or condos. Arrive to a kitchen already loaded with your family’s favorites! No need to spend your vacation visiting the grocery store! Contact Cory at www.kauaiprivatechef.com.

South Side

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to make Hawaiʻi’s specialties for yourself (Poke? Laulau?), you might consider contacting Michael at South Side Chef. A prompt, professional personal chef in Kaua’i, Michael not only cooks local and delicious, but can, upon request, teach you how. He can even offer ideas on how to recreate local dishes when you go back home (and maybe can’t get banana leaves or ahi). Find Michael at www.kauaipersonalchef.com.

You don’t have to drive around looking for restaurants during your vacation… let them come to you! Hire a personal chef in Kaua’i and savor the flavors of our island!