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Kayaking Tours

Kaua‘i Kayaking Tours

In ancient Hawai‘i there were only two modes of transportation: by foot on land, and by wa‘a (canoe) on water. Now you, too, can go back in time kayaking Kaua‘i’s pristine shores and rivers in much the same way that pre-historic Hawaiian’s did. Imagine peacefully paddling on a gentle river through lush rainforest canopy, sunlight sparkling on the water. Discover hidden gems like Fern Grotto, an ancient legendary cave along the Wailua River. Or, head out onto the ocean and paddle to stunning hidden beaches. The experience the best kayaking in Kaua‘i!

Kayaking in Kaua‘i

Kayaking on Kaua‘i is very different from kayaking on any of the other Hawaiian Islands. Kaua‘i has three major freshwater rivers: the Wailua, the Hanalei, and the Hulē‘ia. Kayaking any of them, especially the Wailua, will bring you through breathtaking, verdant jungle and deep into Kaua‘i’s interior. You can beach your kayak along the river, tie up, and take a short hike to one of the island’s spectacular waterfalls for lunch. Ocean kayaking opens up incredible views of Kaua‘i’s stunning coastline, and the clear, turquoise waters of the south side are often calm year-round. Kayaking the Nā Pali Coast is reserved for summer months, as the seas become very rough the rest of the year. Kayaking Kaua’i’s Nā Pali coast is a strenuous 11-mile paddle and there’s no turning back; because of the currents, you have to commit once you’ve started.

Kauaʻi Kayak Tour Companies

There are at least a dozen or more Kauai kayak tour companies on Kauaʻi, so we’ll give you our top picks. Outfitters Kauaʻi in Līhu‘e is one of the first companies on Kaua‘i to offer kayak tours, so they know the spots. Offering both river and ocean kayak tours, Outfitters Kauaʻi also has whale-watching kayak tours in Kaua’i during the winter months. Imagine sitting on a hidden white sand beach watching humpback whales frolicking offshore! Kayak Kauaʻi in Kapa‘a specializes in Wailua River and Nā Pali Coast tours, and also offers kayak rental. As their name implies, family-owned Kayak Wailua specializes in Wailua River tours and is a great value.

Paddle Through Paradise

If the unforgettable experience of paddling down one of Kaua‘i’s warm, gentle rivers or along the island’s spectacular coastlines is high on your vacation to-do list, contact our Kauai kayak tour experts at ILoveHawaii.com today and get ready for the kayaking adventure of a lifetime!