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Kauai Lū‘au

No visit to Kaua‘i would be complete without experiencing a taste of local Hawaiian food and culture, and for most visitors, attending a Kauai lūʻau is the best way to satisfy your cultural and gastronomical appetite. Marvel at graceful Hawaiian hula dancers while feasting on the fresh culinary delights of our Islands. Absorb yourself in stories and chants of old Hawai‘i amidst fragrant flowers and flickering torchlight. A delight to all the senses, treating yourself to a one of the best lūʻaus in Kauai may just be one of the most memorable nightlife experiences of your vacation.

About Hawaiian Lūʻau in Kauai

A lūʻau is a traditional Hawaiian feast. By definition, the word “lūʻau” refers to young kalo (taro; Colocasia esculenta) tops, which are always served at lūʻau. Generally, Hawaiian feasts are celebratory affairs accompanied by hula (dance), oli (chant), moʻolelo (stories), and mele (songs). The food you will find at a Kauai lūʻau will be mouth-watering local style: tender kalua pig and turkey cooked in an imu (an underground oven; kalua means “the pit”), limu (edible seaweed – yes, it’s good!), lomi (massaged) salmon with tomato and green onion, mahimahi (dolphinfish), haupia (coconut pudding) and plantation days adoptions such as rice, noodles, teriyaki beef, and chicken adobo.

Best Lūʻau on Kauaʻi

For the best lūʻau in Kauai with the most authentic experience, check out The Smith Family Garden Lūʻau in Kapaʻa. Located in the lush Wailua River Valley, four generations of the Smith family have conducted traditional lūʻau since 1946. Dishing up heaps of ʻono (delicious) home-cooked food and showcasing the island’s best dancers and storytellers, the genuine smiles and aloha of the Smith family are the foundation their award-winning Kauai lūʻau is built upon. The Smiths also offer cultural tours of the hauntingly beautiful Fern Grotto and are available for event hosting. For something a bit different, Lūʻau Kalamakū in Līhu‘e offers all the sumptuous fare and lavish entertainment of a traditional Kauai lūʻau. Their powerful show is highly theatrical, featuring daring fire knife and pl elements of other Polynesian islands.

Bring Your Appetite

Most lūʻau on Kauaʻi offer both dinner and show reservations, or show only. The best ones fill up fast daily, so we advise reserving well in advance. Be sure to contact our vacation experts at ILoveHawaii.com today to book an unforgettable evening of food, culture, and entertoi ball fire dancers who will mesmerize you with acrobatic feats. The show also encompasses numerous culturaainment.