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Porky’s Kaua‘i

9630 Kaumuali‘i Highway
(808) 631-3071

Food trucks are all the rage now, even among the restaurants in Kauai, and the quality bar just keeps getting raised. Porky’s Kaua‘i has certainly been meeting the gourmet food truck standard, and if you’re headed to or from Waimea Canyon, these guys are the perfect stop when you are craving an over-the-top gourmet Kauai hot dogs. Large white canopies shelter picnic tables for a break from the west side sun, making Porky’s a comfortable place to relax and enjoy a satisfying lunch. With locally sourced ingredients, this award-winning little food truck has become a local favorite, and it’s well worth stopping for.

Porky’s Kaua’i Specialties

As their name implies, Porky’s Kauai is all about locally sourced kalua pork, which all of their gourmet creations are topped with. Kalua literally means “the pit” in Hawaiian, and kalua pork is wild boar slow roasted in an earthen pit until the juicy meat is falling off the bone. Porky’s menu offers a whopping three choices: Grilled Pineapple Pork Sausage, Grilled All-Beef Kauai Hot Dogs, and Kalua Pork Grilled Cheese Sandwich. All come on a toasted French roll or bun, are topped with delicious, slow cooked kalua pork and homemade barbecue sauce, and include cheese, caramelized sweet onions, Hawaiian pineapple relish, and a drink. You can also add bacon or Portuguese sausage, and they offer ample condiments. Prices range between $8 and $10 dollars, and if you have the family along, Porky’s is an affordable and delicious lunch stop among the restaurants in Kauai.

How to Get There

From Pōʻipu, take Pōʻipu Road north to Kōloa Road (HI-530). Turn left on Kōloa Road, go 3.1 miles to Kaumualiʻi Highway (HI-50). Turn left, and head west for 12.7 miles towards Waimea. Cross over the Waimea River and go into Waimea Town. After you pass Makeke Road on the right, start looking on the left for a big open field and a gray food truck. You can’t miss it, unless it’s Sunday. That’s the only day they aren’t there.