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Scuba Diving

Kaua‘i Scuba

Serene. Ethereal. Weightless. Free. These are just some of the many words used by people to describe the feeling of scuba diving. And to feel that while diving off the shores of an amazing island like Kaua‘i… well, that just might be an experience beyond description. Come immerse yourself in the azure Pacific and scuba dive Kaua‘i’s spectacular reefs teeming with fish and sea life. If you’re lucky, you may just get to dive with some spinner dolphins!

Kaua‘i’s Scuba Hot Spots

The most stellar spots for scuba diving in Kaua’i are accessible only by boat, and range in depth from 30 to 160 feet. Some of the best Kaua‘i scuba diving bar none is off the south shore, where the average reef depth is 47 feet and the visibility is often good. “General Store” at 35 feet in depth is killer. Other awesome south side spots include Fishbowl (80 ft.), Turtle Bluffs (50 ft.), Sheraton Caves (30 ft.), and Brennecke’s Ledge (50 ft.). On the north side just past Hanalei near Ha‘ena Beach Park you’ll find Tunnels Reef and Beach. About 60 yards offshore is a fantastic horseshoe shaped reef at a depth of 65 feet. If you go to the east side, you’ll find a great shore dive at Luckenbach (60 ft.).

Kaua‘i Scuba Charters

For suba diving in Kaua‘i, Scuba Steve in Kōloa is, as we say here in Hawai‘i, da bomb! He knows every reef and wreck, and most importantly, he knows his stuff. Catering to every level of diver, Steve offers many dive packages that are guaranteed to please. Seasport Divers in Po‘ipu also has a competent, friendly team of pro divemasters that will make your Kaua‘i suba diving experience awesome from start to finish. And if all you want to do is scuba dive on Kaua‘i, Kaua‘i Down Under in Kōloa is literally a diving resort. Almost all dive shops on Kaua‘i rent scuba gear.

Dive Smart

It is important to remember that if you are going to Waimea Canyon, Koke‘e State Park, or taking an air tour, you must wait 24 hours after scuba diving in Kaua’i due to the altitude change.

Get Ready to Take the Plunge

Whether an absolute newbie or a seasoned diver, a life-enriching scuba experience awaits you off the shores of beautiful Kaua‘i. Get ready to take the plunge by contacting our Kauai scuba diving charter experts today at ILoveHawaii.com to book your adventure down under.