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Kealakekua Bay Vacation Rentals

As the first landing site of Westerners on Hawaiʻi Island, as well as the place of Captain James Cook’s demise, the historical importance of Kealakekua Bay cannot be overestimated. This is not only an amazingly beautiful place, both above and below the water, but it is also of great significance. Consequently, many visitors to the Kona side consider this a must-see attraction. If you choose one of our great rentals here at Kealakekua Bay, you’ll get to enjoy this gorgeous place morning, noon, and night! Find out about your next Kealakekua Bay vacation home.

The snorkeling here is world-famous, and for good reason. However, there’s not really much beach to speak of, and getting in the water can be a bit difficult. Likewise, the very best snorkeling is near the Cook Monument (a little patch of British territory!), and cannot be accessed by car. It can be reached either on foot, via the steep and hot Kaʻawaloa Trail, or by kayak. Though you’ll find many individuals at the bay who want to rent you a kayak, be aware that only three companies are permitted by the state to conduct commercial kayak tours here. These are Adventures in Paradise, Aloha Kayak, and Kona Boys. All three can take you on guided tours to the Cook Monument. The best option for snorkeling in the bay is to hop on a snorkel tour boat such as Fair Wind; they’ll take you straight to the best spots.

Mornings at Kealakekua are calm and beautiful, and dolphins often enter the bay to rest in the early mornings. While they are exciting to watch, remember that they need their rest, and not to disturb them. Likewise, those offering dolphin swim tours are often harassing the animals. Please also bear in mind the need to use reef-safe sunscreen when snorkeling or swimming here.

Kealakekua Bay: a gorgeous treasure of the Kona Coast! Contact us to learn more about a Kealakekua Bay house rental.