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Made in Hawai‘i Festival

Hawai‘i is a confluence of cultures, a pristine paradise, and one of the most unique places on Earth. Isolated in the beautiful blue expanse of the Pacific Ocean, the islands exude a proud sense of place and a tradition of self-reliance and ingenuity, with a welcoming spirit for those who make the journey. One of the best ways we can think of to fully appreciate that Aloha spirit and the bountiful fruits of these tropical lands is the Made in Hawai‘i Festival, a celebration of all things Hawai‘i. This August 17-19, the 24th annual Festival will be a showcase of locally-made food, home-grown products, art, and crafts, with live entertainment and a festive atmosphere throughout.

The Made in Hawaii Festival

Held at the Neil Blaisdell Center in Honolulu (777 Ward Ave.) on the island of O‘ahu, this 3-day event is the ultimate collection of Hawai‘i’s best food products, books, original artwork, gifts, fashions, and more. Over the course of the long weekend celebrating Hawai‘i’s statehood, there will be live entertainment, cooking demonstrations, and a chance to meet and mingle with your favorite local artisans and chefs. Admission is $6 (kids 6 and under are free).


The lineup of vendors and exhibitors at this Hawaiian Festival is truly impressive. From local breweries to popular restaurants, local farms to up and coming art galleries, the Made in Hawai‘i Festival has something for everyone. Beginning with the fresh produce from Akaka Falls Farm and ending with the handmade crafts at Yeung’s Arts and Crafts, this A to “Y” roster has vendors from every island and for every interest. Fresh baked cupcakes compete with fresh caught poke, local photographers pit their prints against woodworking masterpieces, but this is no competition, so the only winner is you, the guest, sampling the incredible offerings of the Aloha state and all of the talented and hardworking artisans who call Hawai‘i home.

Live Events

This Hawaiian festival celebrates all of Hawai‘i’s best, including the arts, music, and comedy. Each day features special performances by local favorites like Frank DeLima, Keauhou, Glenn Medeiros, and many more. Local chefs from the hottest restaurants will perform live cooking demonstrations, sure to delight and educate those with even the slightest culinary leanings (or those who just like to eat).

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