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Personal Chefs

Personal Chefs on Maui

There’s no shortage of great restaurants on Maui. However, sometimes you might wish for a little more privacy as you enjoy a romantic dinner. Likewise, if you have young children in your family, going out to eat can be a lot more work than relaxation. Why not call in a private chef in Maui for a special meal right at your vacation rental property? You can relax while they do the shopping, prep, cooking, and serving. It will be the icing on the cake of your pampered vacation getaway!

There are many great personal chefs on Maui to choose from, depending on what specialties you’re hungering for. These four are just a sampling of what’s out there:

Chef CJ

When you think “personal chef,” you might think “caterer to the rich and famous.” If so, then you’ve got Christian Jorgenson in mind. He prepares food for Tiger Woods and Clint Eastwood when they visit Maui, as well as the family of the CEO of Hyatt Corporation. His catering service also frequently provides meals for annual meetings of various homeowners’ associations on the island. Enjoy a Maui BBQ for a family reunion celebration, or a romantic beach picnic for two with his services. Needless to say, Chef CJ is a world-class private chef in Maui.

Chef Ann-Marie

Have you ever longed to know how to make fresh island specialties? Then perhaps you want to give Maui Fresh Chef a call. Maui chef Ann-Marie can arrange a class for you and your friends to learn to make that special dish you all love. You could even plan your vacation around a personalized culinary retreat! She also offers meal services and grocery shopping, so you can relax and enjoy your vacation, knowing that the freshest local ingredients are ready to go in your kitchen whenever you need them.

Chef Hiram

At Honu Cuisine, Maui Chef Hiram is dedicated to what he calls “New Farm Kitchen Cuisine,” showcasing seasonal local organic ingredients. His food is sourced with the same care with which he prepares the food, having built relationships with the best local farmers and producers. If you care deeply about the politics of your food, you will not be disappointed with the mindfulness Chef Hiram brings to the table. Professional, yet casual, he is prepared to deliver!

If you appreciate high-quality meals, you’ll definitely want to consider hiring a private chef in Maui to make your culinary dreams come true!