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Horseback Tours

Maui Horseback Tours

The scenic island of Maui is mostly country, and by country, we mean horse country. Maui is a heaven on earth for equestrians, with literally hundreds of miles of Maui horseback riding trails, thousands of acres of pastureland, and numerous woodland paths to ride on. The sense of peace and oneness with your steed and the diverse island environment leads many visitors to feel that a day spent horseback riding in Maui was the best part of their trip.

Maui: God’s Country

Several working ranches encompass thousands of Maui’s acres, and today you can still see paniolo (Hawaiian cowboys) working cattle herds on horseback, though some ranches have modernized and now use ATVs for the job. But what a place to be a cowboy! It’s not unusual to see a sweaty, hard-working paniolo gaze lovingly at his spectacular surrounds and softly say, “This is God’s country.” And you too can experience what every Hawaiian cowboy knows to be the best thing in the world: riding horseback on Maui.

Stables and Horseback Tours

There are numerous stables and horseback riding tours on Maui, each offering different riding experiences. Our top pick is Thompson Ranch in upper Kula. Owned and operated by the Thompson family since 1902, the Thompsons provide intimate horseback tours (no more than four people at once) across the magnificent slopes of Halaeakalā, where you can experience plant and animal species found nowhere else on earth. If horses aren’t your thing, you can tag along with Jerry Thompson and experience the daily tasks of a real paniolo. Makai ʻOlu Ranch in Waikapu has some great rides, going high up into the West Maui Mountains and deep into Waikapu Valley. Ironwood Ranch in Nāpili has several different rides that will take you into the remote jungle interior of the West Maui Mountains with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, and also offers a breathtaking sunset ride. All stables on Maui offer private rides, and most offer riding lessons. One note: Most stables have strict age and weight limits.

Saddle Up, Cowboy!

Ride into the sunset, or gallop along a grassy meadow next to the sparkling Pacific. Make your way down a mountain trail to a waterfall while munching on wild guava and mango. Whatever your Maui horseback riding dreams, contact our Maui vacation specialists at ILoveHawaii.com today to reserve your place in the saddle.