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South Maui Fish Company

22 Alahele Place
(808) 419-8980

Sustainable. Fresh. Delicious. That’s South Maui Fish Company in a nutshell. Offering delectable fresh-caught fish in a variety of wonderful preparations to end your day at a lovely I Love Hawaii vacation home, South Maui Fish Company is one of the burgeoning new breeds of food truck that features cuisine as good, if not better, than you can get in any sit-down restaurant. Simply prepared from the freshest of local ingredients, this little food truck dishes up some of the best fresh Maui seafood in Kīhei. They also offer take-home fresh fish fillets, oils, sauces, seasonings, and preparation advice. If you are hosting a function, South Maui Fish Company can cater your event or private dinner.

South Maui Fish Company Maui Seafood Specialties

South Maui Fish Company’s menu changes daily, but it always includes freshly caught fish; what’s cooked depends on what’s hooked. Featuring traditional and spicy poke as well as their own unique poke recipe, South Maui Fish Company also serves hot-off-the-grill fish plates and fish tacos. For kids and those who don’t like fish, they offer hot dogs. That’s it. Easy, yah? Whether it’s poke, tacos, or grilled fish with rice and their specialty pineapple coleslaw, whatever you get from this little red truck is going to be good! Maybe even better than seafood restaurants Maui. Taco and fish plates run about $14, and you get a lot of super delicious, super fresh food for your money. Just a note: they’re closed on Sundays.

Delicious Maui Seafood Awaits: How to Get There

From Azeka Shopping Center in central Kīhei, take South Kīhei Road south towards Wailea. Turn left on Alahele Place. Turn into the first parking lot on the right; South Maui Fish Company is the red food truck in the parking lot across the street from Lava Rock Bar and Grill.